Satisfactory Academic Progress Process (SAP)

Federal regulations require students receiving financial aid to maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and be working toward a degree.

  • Undergraduate student academic progress towards completion of a degree is evaluated by the Office of Financial Aid (OSFA).
  • Graduate and professional student academic progress is monitored by the school or college.

SAP details for undergraduates:

  • UW-Madison credits and all transfer credits are included in the evaluation; including terms in which no financial aid was received.
  • SAP monitors all graded coursework; successful grades are A through D; unsuccessful grades are everything else, including withdrawal and incomplete grades.
  • Courses dropped prior to the first day of classes are not counted as credits attempted.
  • Repeat courses are counted as credits attempted. For example; if a 3 credit course is repeated then a total of 6 credits will be counted in the calculation. Both (all) grades will be computed in the student's University grade point average which is the GPA that appears on the student's transcript.
  • GPA calculation is based on the grades on your UW-Madison transcript. Transfer credits usually are not counted in your GPA.

The annual evaluation of prior enrollment occurs in June to determine the SAP status for the following summer and academic year. Aid applications received after this date are still subject to evaluation as part of award processing. The following three components are evaluated

  1. Undergraduate students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  2. Students must successfully complete a cumulative 2/3 (67%) of all credits for which they attempt. "Attempted" coursework includes all classes enrolled in on the day after date to drop classes or withdraw without a notation on the transcript.  "Completed" coursework includes all classes with a passing grade.  Classes that are dropped, failed, or incomplete negatively completion rate.
  3. Students may not enroll for more than 150% of the number of credits needed to complete their degree. Transfer credits and prior degree credits are included in this evaluation. Withdrawal from the University or any course dropped after the official day to drop without notation on the transcript, failed, and incomplete courses count towards the 150%.

SAP Notification

For those who do not meet SAP; the Office of Student Financial Aid will send an email to the address. If any aid was offered prior to the official SAP evaluation it will not disburse and the student must either appeal or make up the deficiency.

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