Types of Financial Aid

When you apply for financial aid at UW-Madison, you will be considered for the following types of aid. Each year be sure to apply as early as possible, some funds may be depleted part way through the year.


At UW-Madison students are not automatically considered for scholarships when they submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To be considered for scholarships students must apply online at Scholarships@UW-Madison .

When students students submit the FAFSA they are automatically considered for the types of federal, state, and institutional aid listed below. Additional forms may be requred; students are notified via email if that is the case when their FAFSA information is received. The My UW Student Center will also list information needed.


Federal, state, and institutional grants are free money based on financial need. Funds are limited and offered to undergraduate students who are working towards a first degree.


Loans must be repaid. Most loans, though not all, are based on financial need. The various loans have specific conditions regarding interest rates, borrowing limits, and repayment periods. Loans are available to undergraduates, to parents of dependent undergraduates (Parent PLUS), and to graduate and professional students.

Federal Work Study 

Work-study is not a grant or a loan but part-time employment. It is offered based on financial need. Students must also answer "yes" to the work-study question on the FAFSA. Work-study is available to undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Other Types of Aid