Federal Work-Study Information

Work-Study positions are limited to students who have been offered Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid package.

After You're Hired

On-campus (University) employers will have paperwork for you to complete to get started in your position.

For off-campus (non-University) positions, a Federal Work-Study Student and Employer Information Form must be completed. Take the form to your employer, complete the student section, and have the employer complete their section. Return the completed form to the Work-Study office so that you can be certified for the position you are being hired for. For off-campus (non-University) positions, a pay schedule listing pay periods, paydays, timesheet deadlines, and a W-4 form will be sent to the employer with your letter of certification.

When and where do I get paid?

Pay periods are every 2 weeks. All Work-Study paychecks come from the university. The Business Services Payroll Office, located at 21 N. Park St. Suite 5101, is where you can pick up your paycheck. The university strongly recommends participating in direct deposit for your Work-Study paychecks. The necessary form is available at the payroll office and you will need your bank information to complete the form.

Work Study FAQ